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We carry a wide selection of monuments, headstones, memorials, bronze plaques and much more. Did we mention that we specialize in customization? 

Monuments & Headstones & Ridgewood, NJ

As your preferred and trusted monument dealer serving the local community, we are eager to help you create a beautiful, timeless monument or plaque that impressively pays tribute to a special event, a lost loved one or anything else. We know that there are many people, events and even objects that hold special meaning to you and that you want to honor in a substantial way, and we have a full line of products for you to choose from that can be customized specifically to meet your needs and desires.

Rest assured that we only use high-quality materials that have been sourced in the U.S., and all customization work is completed in-house to ensure superior workmanship.

Types of Monuments We Offer

Because there are so many reasons why you may be interested in purchasing a new monument today, we carry exceptional memorials and other pieces in-store for you to review in person. We do not want you to feel unsure about your purchase or to feel as though you are settling for a monument design that is not quite right.

We have an excellent selection of materials to choose from, and you can admire their quality and appeal when you stop by to visit with us personally. Remember that your order can be customized impressively so that it lives up to your high expectations.

Custom Memorials in Ridgewood, NJ

One of the more common reasons why our New Jersey customers request bronze plaques, stone monuments and other products is pay tribute to the loss of someone special. Our products are designed by family members to honor lost loved ones or even pets. They are also used on a more public scale to pay tribute to fallen military professionals, law enforcement officers and others who have passed away serving the community in some way. There are also many other uses for memorials and plaques.

For example, they can be customized to draw attention to historical events or places of historical significance. They may be used by companies to pay tribute to founders and others who have made bold contributions to the company. Keep in mind that these are only a few of the many special ways that our products have been used in the past.

Types of Plaques Made Out of Bronze

Bronze is a high-quality metal that is commonly used for markers, plaques and other similar items. These metallic pieces may be a stand-alone marker, or they can be mounted to a stone monument or a huge framed picture.

These are only a few of the many ways that you can use a bronze plaque, and you can rest assured that we can customize your plaque to meet any needs that you have in mind.

Customized Bronze Plaques by Color, Shape and Size

While some of the plaques that we create have a classic rectangular shape and a modest size, we have the skills and capabilities to tailor your plaque to your exact specifications. In fact, we can customize your piece based on its shape, size and color.

We will also engrave your message into the bronze using the font style and size that you prefer. You can feel confident that our team will work hard to help you bring your plaque concept to life with beautiful results.

Special Plaque Styles

Bronze is an excellent material to use for a plaque. This is partially because it is a gorgeous metal that has incredible appeal, and it also can be customized in many styles based on your preference. For example, some of our customers prefer an upright or slanted marker.

Others are interested in a ledge, bevel or flush style. During your visit to our convenient location, you can get to know more about these various styles before you finalize your order.

Our Past Work

Areas We Cover in Ridgewood, NJ

Monument, Memorial and Plaque Refinishing and Restoration Services in Ridgewood, NJ

Regardless of whether you select a bronze plaque, a stone memorial or some other type of product from us, you understandably are designing a product that you want to use as a tribute or memorial for decades or even centuries. Our materials are durable and are designed to hold up well over the years. However, all materials will show signs of wear or weather-related damage over time.

We provide quality restoration services that are essential for the care and maintenance of your pieces. You can trust our restoration team to return your piece to like-new condition.

Mausoleum Design & Building Services in Ridgewood, NJ

We are also your reliable source for quality mausoleum design and construction. You understandably want to create a mausoleum design that is perfectly tailored to honor a loved one, and you can feel confident that we will create a design that you love.

Through our focused design services and our use of high-quality materials, the mausoleum will pay tribute to your loved one in a lasting way.

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